Project Description


The polish rappers Taco Hemingway and Quebonafide couldn‘t be anymore different. One is thoughtful and smooth, while the other is energetic and raw — but both have transcended to absolute superstar status of the polish music scene in recent years. It was a natural conclusion that they had to team up for a collaboration project, simply called Taconafide. Together they shattered record sales, gained over 60 million YouTube clicks for their hit single Tamagotchi and of course, a sold out tour followod soon.

Taco Hemingway was surprisingly quick to follow up on this success with another solo album called Cafe Belga, which will be the focus of this concert. Both rappers will be supported by the duo PRO8L3M, which established a devoted cult following on their own with their off-beat rap flows, catchy hooks and outstanding visuals. The concert is also presented by the Warsaw based booking agency Revolume and NEWONCE, the most important Polish website for youth culture and street wear.