Project Description


TERROR!! FEAR!! DISPAIR!! Get your Halloween fright on with the new HELLFIRE mixtape. Filled with 17 bone-chilling horror movie soundtracks, straight from the crypt. Including the masters of horror scores: John Carpenter and Alan Howard

(Halloween, The Fog, Prince of Darkness), Goblin (Suspiria), Ennio Morricone (The Exorcist II), as well as underrated cult classics by Andrzej Korzynski (Possession) or Chuck Cirino (Chopping Mall).


  • Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Halloween
  • Steve Moore – Bar Fight
  • GOBLIN – Suspiria Theme
  • Bernhard Herrmann – Psycho Prelude
  • Jerry Goldsmith – Ave Satani
  • Andrzej Korzynski – Possession Theme
  • Ennio MorRiconne – Pazuzu
  • Sinoia Caves – Forever Dilating Eye
  • Frank Vinci – You‘re Just What I‘ve Been Looking For


  • Chuck Cirino – Chopping Mall Theme
  • Robert MCNAUGHTON – Henry Theme
  • Wendy Carlson – The Shining Theme
  • Alan Howard – Halloween III Theme
  • John Carpenter – Prince of Darkness Theme
  • John Carpenter – The Fof Theme
  • Charles Bernstein – Main Title
  • Philip Glass – It Was Always You, Helen