Project Description

Rachids Kitchen

Between the local skate park, numerous student apartments and a mosque sits Rashid‘s Kitchen. There are many reasons why this french tacos and baguette place has a cult following. But the most important fact is that Rashid‘s Kitchen connects all kinds of different groups and subcultures. The small takeaway place has a similar function as the infamous „Spätis“ in Berlin, or the bodegas in New York. They all are an essential part of their neighborhood, while serving as an open community space. This is why the creative collective Crunch Corp. wanted to honor Rashid‘s Kitchen with a special T-Shirt and lookbook.

The key design concept was to highlight Rashid‘s visuel identity, in order to deconstruct it and reinterpret it according to the Crunch Corp. aesthetic. In true street wear fashion, the generous back print is filled with multiple references to Rashid‘s French and North African origin. One of Rashid‘s highlights are his special sauces, so they all got their very own logo. On a closer look the design reveals several more references, such as allusions to popular skate brands, similar tile patterns from Rashid‘s store and of course an obligatory “100% halal” design.