Project Description

Crunch Cup Smash

E -Sports, has gained a lot of world wide attention in the last years. No matter if you are into Sports, FPS, MMORPGs or battle royale games, there is always an avid fanbase, which can’t wait to stream the newest tournaments. But there is a very special competitive scene that started it all: the FGC, also known as the fighting game community. While games like Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat kickstarted the craze in the early 90s, it is Nintendos quirky Smash Bros. IP that stands above all other classics now. At least in terms of attendees and viewers at EVO 2019, the equivalent to the FGC’s world cup.

Enter: the Crunch Cup Smash – a local but very dedicated tournament circuit, by the creative collective Crunch Corp. To represent the key aspects of the event, competitive gaming, the CI was created by remixing  the infamous Super Nintendo Logo with the iconic olympic rings. A special Nintendo Switch controller, which is a remake of the fan favorite Nintendo Game Cube controller, was inserted into the rings to give the design more depth. A thin grid in the background ties everything together. The technical but futuristic look of the Eurostyle typeface, completes the CI.