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Project Description


Unestablished since 1989 – that’s the philosophy and the motto behind the success story of Brooks. This high fashion retail store continuously manages to redefine itself to stay on top of its game. It also grew into a well established online store and warehouse sale location. Over a time of four years we were not

only asked to redesign Brooks’ appearance, but also gave the store concept a whole new corporate identity and its own magazine. The 25th birthday pentagon design is an homage to the Woolmark logo, which ensures the authenticity of high quality garments.

❶ Creative Directing
    ① Re-branding
    ② Corporate Identity
    ③ Store Design
    ④ Shop Speaker
    ⑤ Tags
    ⑥ Newspaper Ads
    ⑦ Mailings and Newsletters
    ⑧ Season Opening Invitations
    ⑨ Editorial Design for the Magazine
    ⑩ Directing Photo Shoots
❷ Marketing
    ① Event Planning
    ② Marketing Strategies
    ③ Concept Development
    ④ Team Building
❸ Trend Scouting
    ① At Berlin Fashion Week

Photos: Julian Belz​