Project Description


Unestablished since 1989 – that’s the philosophy behind the success story of Brooks. This high fashion retail store continuously manages to redefine itself and also grew into a well established online store. Over a time of four years we were not only asked to redesign Brooks’ appearance, but also gave the store

concept a whole new corporate identity and its own magazine. The 25th birthday pentagon design is an homage to the Woolmark logo, which ensures the authenticity of high quality garments.

❶ Creative Directing
    ① Re-branding
    ② Corporate Identity
    ③ Store Design
    ④ Shop Speaker
    ⑤ Tags
    ⑥ Newspaper Ads
    ⑦ Mailings and Newsletters
    ⑧ Season Opening Invitations
    ⑨ Editorial Design for the Magazine
    ⑩ Directing Photo Shoots
❷ Marketing
    ① Event Planning
    ② Marketing Strategies
    ③ Concept Development
    ④ Team Building
❸ Trend Scouting
    ① At Berlin Fashion Week

Photos: Julian Belz​