Project Description

ROIDS 00 Abstract Comics

What is it? Is it a magazine? Is it a clothing label? The answer is simply: “It‘s both.“ ROIDS is a new high concept hybrid between a traditional print publi-
cation and a fashion imprint. The name refers to the aggressive and oversized presentation and its themes. The main goal of this project is to fight the lack of substance in the modern landscape of hollow street wear labels. While classic
brands evolved within a certain subculture, oozing with history and visual cues, newer brands seemed to be governed by the mindset of “hype over content“.

The consumer challenging claim “Read To Wear“ is, in addition, a jab at the claim „ready to wear“. Issue 00 features the history of Abstract Comics, an obscure movement that materialized through the counter culture of the 60s. While the
genre cites painters like Pollock or Kandinsky, its most important modern
contributors are underground comics legends like Robert Crumb or RAW Magazine contributors Art Spiegelmann and Charles Burns.  The bundle comes in a screen printed silver-translucent bag.