Project Description

Mixtape 01: Space Disco

The Studio Meinert Mixtape is a new YouTube playlist series. Each entry will be specifically themed and will introduce you to the most banging tracks from all types of music. The very first list is a special one — SPACE DISCO. Influenced by sci-fi movies and novels, this compilation features some of the most

iconic tracks from the disco era, including acts like Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk or Kano, as well as some hidden gems. To this day these tunes keep influencing modern electronic artists like Daft Punk or Justice, so get ready for an intergalactic musical journey through space and time.


  • Cosmic Gal – Space Fever
  • Kano – Ikeya Seki
  • Giorgio Moroder – Chase
  • Charlie – Spacer Woman
  • Space – Magic Fly
  • Equinoxious – Astrónomo Insumiso
  • Kraftwerk – Roboter
  • René Roussel – Caramel Is


  • Harry Thumann – Underwater
  • Captain Future Feinde greifen an
  • Yuji Ohno – Landing on the surface of Venus
  • Mito – Droid
  • Gino Soccio – Dancer
  • The Immortals – The Ultimate Warlord
  • It Takes Me Higher – Ganymed
  • Meco – Star Wars Title Theme