Project Description


Lösekann is a luxurious clothing retail store with over 50 years of rich history. Since the very beginning in the 1960s its concept was very clear and yet simple: bringing high quality garments and modern classics to an audience that can easily compete with the fashion crowd in Milan, London, Paris and New York.

Over the course of four years we have developed countless store front designs, newspaper ads, mailings, newsletter layouts, invitations to season openings, and a very own style guide with illustrations from Dominik Plassmann. The key in the design process was a well balanced mix of serif and sans serif types.


Photos Slider: Julian Belz​
❶ Creative Directing
    ① Re-branding
    ② Store Design
    ③ Shop Speaker
    ④ Tags
    ⑤ Newspaper Ads
    ⑥ Mailings and Newsletters
    ⑦ Season Opening Invitations
    ⑧ Editorial Design for Styleguide
 ❷ Marketing
    ① Event Planning
    ② Marketing Strategies
    ③ Concept Development
    ④ Team Building