Project Description


“I am a movie buff who makes soundtracks for no specific film” says EYTZ – No wonder that his tracks are oozing with dreamy lofi synths and raw drum loops that sound like if John Carpenter were to cover Flying Lotus or RZA. It’s only

fitting that this underground producer releases his material on vinyl only. The design for the latest concept releases TERRAFORMING and Blush/Bruise is heavily inspired by the obscure and nerdy references dropped in the song titles.

T E R R A F O R M I N G  E P

❶ Atreides Battle Tounge
❷ Mara Jade
❸ Gendo‘s Empty Line
❹ Marsian Sunsets
❻ Don‘t Speak of Gholas
with the Ghola
❼ Kowloon Secrets
❽ Sopot

B L U S H  /  B R U I S E  E P

❶ Fujiko Mine
❷ Panty Shots
❸ Swimsuits by Gianni Versace
❹ Tanning Lines
❺ Futanari in Futura
❻ Goretex Condom
❼ Wookie Buziaki